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W.i.t.c.h. - GameBoy Advance Cover
Wabbit - Atari 2600 Cover
Wacky Races - Nintendo Cover
Wacky Races - GameBoy Color Cover
Wacky Races - Dreamcast Cover
Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio - Sega Genesis Cover
Wade Hixton's Counter Punch - GameBoy Advance Cover
Waialae Country Club - True Golf Classics - Nintendo 64 Cover
Wakeboarding Unleashed featuring Shaun Murray - GameBoy Advance Cover
Wall Street Kid - Nintendo Cover
Wally Bear and the No! Gang - Nintendo Cover
Walt Disney World Quest - Magical Racing Tour - GameBoy Color Cover
Walt Disney World Quest - Magical Racing Tour - Dreamcast Cover
Walter Payton Football - Sega Master System Cover
Wanted - Sega Master System Cover
War 2410 - Super Nintendo Cover
War 3010 - The Revolution - Super Nintendo Cover
War Gods - Nintendo 64 Cover
Wardner - Sega Genesis Cover
Wario Blast Featuring Bomberman! - GameBoy Cover
Wario Land - Super Mario Land 3 - GameBoy Cover
Wario Land 3 - GameBoy Color Cover
Wario Land 4 - GameBoy Advance Cover
Wario Land II - GameBoy Color Cover
Wario Land II - GameBoy Cover
Wario's Woods - Super Nintendo Cover
Wario's Woods - Nintendo Cover
WarioWare - Twisted! - GameBoy Advance Cover
WarioWare, Inc. - Mega Microgame$! - GameBoy Advance Cover
Warlock - Sega Genesis Cover
Warlock - Super Nintendo Cover
Warlocked - GameBoy Color Cover
Warlords - Atari 2600 Cover
Warpspeed - Sega Genesis Cover
WarpSpeed - Super Nintendo Cover
Warrior of Rome - Sega Genesis Cover
Warrior of Rome II - Sega Genesis Cover
Warriors of Might and Magic - GameBoy Color Cover
Warsong - Sega Genesis Cover
Water World - GameBoy Cover