How can I remove the site URL from the 3D covers?

Simply register as a new user on the site. When you are logged in and download a cover, it will no longer have the URL branding on it.

How can I get a Premium Account and what does it do?

Right now premium accounts are only given manually to people we think deserve them. When you have a premium account, you will be given features not available to normal members. There may be other perks in the future and this FAQ item will be updated as the site grows. Accounts will automatically update to Premium Accounts after you upload a certain number of covers. These covers do not count toward your total uploaded unless they are approved.

How can I change the downloaded cover filename so its not always an ID?

You can change the filenames when downloading covers by loggin in to the site and clicking on the profile link on the menu. In the left section under "Site Settings" there is an option called "Cover Filenames". This dropdown will change the downloaded file names while you are logged in to the site.

Why don't you have xxxx covers available?

We will try to add new types of covers as they become available. We will constantly keep an eye out for new types of covers and add them to the site when they are ready, so please do not request for a certain cover type to be added.

The site does not look correct to me, is this an issue on my end or yours?

We will test the site in different browsers to make it as compatible as possible, but our main testing is done in Firefox. If you do see an issue, please try it out in Firefox first and if the issue is still there, please contact us using the contact form and let us know so it may be fixed asap. You can find a link to Firefox on the main support page.

I am a designer and would like to make a new theme for the site.

New themes are always welcome. The site is coded in templates so your new theme could be drastically different then the current themes on the site. Put your theme together in a zip file and contact us through the form so we can work with you on testing the theme before putting it into production.

I have a website and would like be an affiliate with Spiffy Covers.

Please contact us through the form and let us know the basics such as your domain name, traffic per month, type of site and reason you would like to become affiliates.

What are the recommended full cover dimensions when uploading?

All full cover images are resized after you upload them, so to make sure we have the best quality cover, please upload your cover with the dimensions at or larger then the following

  • 900 x 372 - Nintendo DS
  • 750 x 600 - Playstation Portable
  • 900 x 600 - Everything else