How the site came to be

I (Deak Phreak) who created was talking with Jsjar, my site designer, about making some 3D images in photoshop to use for various purposes. I had come up with the idea to have them automatically created through an online website to make our jobs easier and allow others to easily contribute.

Around the beginning of May, 2011, I set forth to create the structure of this website. With Jsjar by my side, we worked tirelessly each day to make this site the best it can be. Week after week the site grew bigger and more robust but there was still quite a bit to do on it.

Jsjar and myself came up with some website looks before deciding on the default one. Since we already had another look created, we decided to implement it as a different "theme" that users can choose from and even made a couple more. We still continue to come up with theme ideas and welcome anyone else to submit ideas or images for themes.

While working on the Spiffy Covers website, we had other ideas and started up 2 more sites. Spiffy Network began its development the same time as Spiffy Covers and Spiffy Connect started up somewhere in the middle. We struggled to move things along quickly since we had so much going on at once and we were the only ones building these sites.

On June 5th, I left on vacation to the E3 in California for a whole week so we did not have any development during that time. Upon my return, Jsjar had gone on a camping trip which further delayed our progress. Around this time the main core of the site has basically been finished and all that was left were a few complex things here and there that I had put off until now. I spent the whole week of June 13th-18th working non-stop. We were supposed to have a BBQ at my sisters house for Fathers day on June 19th but I woke up with what felt like bronchitis. After a trip to the doctor and a nights rest, I was back coding on the site again to try and finish it up. I worked non-stop yet again from the 20th-24th in hopes of a weekend site launch.

And here it is.... after a quick 2 months, the site is ready for your enjoyment!

A big thank you to "Mastershoes, Azzbarb, Koolbrez67, Mildanti, BajaResident, Donnie1979, JuniorUnderground, BBB, ToddofWar420, Seam, Brenry, Beast" who has dedicated their efforts into providing most of the retro covers.

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